When A Bail Bonds Firm Can Not Help In West Covina

Using a professional bail bonds company like ours to assist a defendant secure their release from custody, is always a very handy option. There are many options in the state of California in relation to securing someone’s release. There are however, occasions where a defendant may not qualify for bail.

Once someone is arrested, they are transported to a nearby jail, where they will be booked, and processed. Following this, they might be granted the ability to “post bail.” As every county has its own bail schedule, the jailer can assign the defendant a bail amount, and family members can then contact West Covina Bail Bonds to assist with the release.

While not every charge will require a bail bond firm’s help, as some people may be released on their own recognizance, there are times when a defendant will not have the opportunity to apply for bail at all. Below are some instances of when a defendant could be refused bail.

  • On probation or parole. Defendants who have committed a crime while on probation, or parole, are most likely going to be refused bail.

  • Capital Crime. Any defendant accused of a capital crime will not be granted bail. Capital crimes are defined as crimes that could be punishable by the death penalty.

  • Flight Risk. Defendants who are considered a flight risk may also be denied bail. Tourists from other countries who are accused of committing serious crimes, may not be eligible for bail.

  • Undocumented citizen. Many undocumented citizens may have a no-bail hold placed on them as they can be seen as a flight risk.

West Covina Bail Bonds can however, assist with any defendant who has been granted bail. Our great company will work very swiftly to secure the release of a defendant. We do this by posting the required bail on behalf of the defendant, after a non refundable fee has been paid.

Having us post your bail, will of course come with certain terms and conditions. The defendant must attend each and every scheduled court date. The defendant must also adhere to any other conditions attached to their bail, for example, regularly checking in with a local law enforcement station, or even the bail bonds company itself.

Being the #1 bail bonds company in Southern California, assures clients that they are dealing with the very best in the industry. West Covina Bail Bonds can be contacted on (626) 587-8558 at any time of the day or night. You can also find more great information on our website.