There Are Reasons Bail May Be Refused In West Covina

When a loved one is arrested, naturally your first instinct will be to try and help them get out of jail. Unfortunately however, the state of California has the highest bail amounts in the United States which makes it almost impossible for some people to raise bail on their own. Thankfully, one bail bonds West Covina firm is willing to help.

We are a highly professional and experienced bail bonds firm, dedicated to assisting defendants with their release from custody. Committed to working in with each client individually, our company has developed the reputation of being the #1 bail bonds company in Southern California.

Not every individual who has been arrested will automatically qualify for bail. It is not wise to assume that everyone who gets arrested for a crime will automatically be given bail. There are occasions where bail will actually be denied and this is based on several variables.

A few reasons why bail can be refused is:

  • Seriousness of the offense

  • Prior jail escape attempts

  • Threat to the community

  • Flight Risk

There may be some defendants who choose to remain in jail until their court date with the hope that the judge might reduce the bail amount. Even though this might be possible, it is still a risk and therefore never advised. There is always the chance that the judge might increase the bail, or deny it altogether as new evidence may be brought to light in the time the defendant is waiting to go to court. It is always highly recommended to apply for bail via a bail bonds company in the first instance.

Most people will be unable to raise the bail without the assistance of a professional bail bonds company like ours. Once the paperwork has been organized and the bail bond fee paid, our firm will post bail on behalf of the defendant and secure their release until they are required in court. The fee that a bail bonds company must charge is 10% of the total amount of bail and this is mandated by law.

We are also aware that the fee may also be difficult for some people to manage in the current economic climate. For this reason our company will work in with qualifying clients and arrange a suitable payment plan to help them pay off the fee.

We can be contacted on (626) 587-8558 at any hour over a 24/7 period. We avail ourselves over these hours to ensure our clients can get the professional assistance they need, right when they need it. There is also even more valuable information available on our website.

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